About us

Hi there!  My name is Maxine and I’m the owner of Bubble Gum Fabrics.  I live in the beautiful town of Didsbury, Alberta.  I love camping, fishing, dirt biking, sewing and quilting. 

My journey started in the winter of 2018, when one day, out of the blue, I grabbed my sewing machine that was collecting dust in the basement and sewed a simple bag.  Nothing fancy, just a bag.  Then I decided to sew another smaller bag but with a zipper.  Easy peasy.  Then I sewed a square puppy dog and a shirt – meh, I wasn’t crazy about the shirt.  Then I decided to try sewing a doll quilt.  Yeah, that was awful!  But I wasn’t ready to give up, I found a quilt shop that had a class for beginners, and I was hooked.  I started making some quilts for one of my niece and nephews.  I was finding that I bounced around to the different fabric stores trying to either find different pieces to a collection or trying to find fabric colors that matched, problem was every fabric had a different color variation.  So frustrating.

Fast forward to April 2019, I woke up one morning with a dream, a vision, a goal.  To build an ecommerce site that was tailored to children’s fabrics.  To have full collections of fabrics so customers don’t have to run around to find fabrics that sorta match.  I want the fabrics be fun and colorful, warm, calm and soothing.  And that’s just what I’ve set out to do, to be the go-to store in Canada for children’s fabrics.

I hope you find this website to be fun and inspiring, that it helps you with your creative endeavour, whatever it may be!

From Maxine at Bubble Gum Fabrics

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